Sobre Nosotros

Una compañía orientada a la investigación y la innovación

Safe Society Labs S.L. (S2Labs) es una compañía orientada a la investigación y la innovación que surgió como una spin-off del grupo de investigación GISUM de la Universidad de Málaga. La visión principal de S2Labs radica en el uso de la seguridad IT para crear un impacto positivo en la sociedad, lo cual puede lograrse respetando los derechos de los ciudadanos a la privacidad y proporcionando seguridad en el uso diario de las tecnologías IT.

Seguridad IT en el trabajo

Safe Society Labs carries out different activities such as:

  • research and development projects
  • technology transfer
  • consulting services

S2Labs’ main focus is on research & development, technology transfer and consulting services. S2Labs members have strong expertise on key aspects of information security, such as security engineering, software protection, distributed system security, access control and authorisation. S2Labs application domains range from service-oriented computing, cloud computing to ambient intelligence and smart environments.

​People with a clear vision and the right skills

Members of S2Labs have a long history of experience in projects funded by Spanish public institutions, private companies, as well as, in projects of V, VI and VII Framework Programmes of the European Commission. Members of S2Labs are among the founders of the European Security Engineering Forum.

In Safe Society Labs we team up with a multidisciplinary group of people that will address different problems with creative and sound solutions that place the citizens and the world in center of our systems. Our goal is that our products are able to address the needs of these citizens, while preserving their rights to privacy, safety and security.

​Sharing our know-how

Safe Society Labs’ main focus is in R&D and technology transfer. Therefore we participate in different projects ranging from highly research-oriented, to final product development, always based on state-of-the-art technologies. But we do not abandon those technologies, as it is unfortunately too usual in projects with external (public) funding. We use those projects to produce technologies that are usable and we continue developing  those technologies after the end of the projects to ensure that their value is not lost. To complement our strategy for ensuring the maximization of the projects’ results we also carry out educational activities and consulting services.

We also offer services such as security assessment and design, technology evaluation, security evaluation and guidance for project proposal preparation, including pre-evaluation of research project proposals, to help our customers in designing, starting, and getting funding for R&D programs.

Corporate Sustainability

In all we do our focus is always being sustainable and respectful to the citizens and to our world. We adopt out-of-the-box approaches to our developments in order to ensure that they produce sustainable and respectful systems that will provide benefits not only to the system owners, but also to the society in general.