Security Certification

Breathing new life into an old paradigm to bring security assurance to service consumers

Security certification provides important assurance to consumers in nowadays service provisioning models such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS where service consumers have no control over the software consumed as a service.


Safe Society Labs offers dedicated expertise in service security certification based on TPM cryptographic hardware. Service providers can benefit from Safe Society Labs expertise and consultancy on how to run their services on TPM hardware and get these certified for given security properties.

Safe Society Labs expertise will help you get your services certified by taking the best of TPM cryptographic hardware to provide high-level security assurance to service consumers.

Safe Society Labs will also help service providers to obtain self-certification of their own services thus achieving fast reach of security assurance to consumers. Given that traditional certification process is time consuming and costly.

Members of Safe Society Labs actively participate in several European Commissions-funded R&D projects such as ASSERT4SOA and CUMULUS where advanced concepts and models of security certification are developed.

Given the recent successful results of the ASSERT4SOA project, members of Safe Society Labs were responsible for the design of an XML-based language to represent security certificates, and for the development of a certificate management tool necessary to support and automate the issuing of security certificates by certification authorities.