Security in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing

 Covering your needs in securing your Service-Oriented applications

Safe Society Labs team has long expertise in the field of service-oriented computing, developing security solutions in a number of key vertical application domains.  These range from lower hardware-driven trusted computing based solutions, to higher level solutions such as certificate-based authentication, federated identity management, public-key infrastructures, access control, and dedicated support on security certification of services.

Safe Society Labs has expanded its expertise providing security solutions for cloud computing and service provisioning models with a special focus on federated identity & authorization management. Particularly, Safe Society Labs provides a dedicated expertise and technology solution for single sign-on (SSO) and authorisation for federated service provisioning models. Solutions based on SAML standard with full support for X.509 certificates providing strong and reliable user authentication and authorization. Safe Society Labs has expertise in using various certificates, among those the Spain national FNMT certificates and DNIe.