Security Monitoring

New monitoring paradigms based on our definition of Monitoring-capable code.​

Safe Society Labs has developed a solution in the domain of monitoring paradigms and has defined the novel concept of Monitoring-capable code. Monitoring security properties during the operation of software systems is widely accepted as a type of runtime verification that increases system resilience to failures and security attacks.


Safe Society Labs provides a complete solution for the monitoring of security properties in real systems, in particular our solution is especially useful for the monitoring of security properties in applications running on clouds.

One important advantage of our monitoring approach is that it is based on a multi-layer monitoring infrastructure designed in to improve efficiency, while at the same time providing new capabilities unavailable in regular monitornig systems and preserving the privacy of the monitored systems.

The design of this infrastructure is specially tailored to fit distributed and dynamic environments like service oriented computing or cloud computing. Two additional elements complement this suite: a new language for expressing monitoring rules and a strategy based on the generation of a finite-state machine to improve the performance of the monitoring engine.