Transparent info

Because as a consumer you should know all about the products and services you buy.

In the current socio-economic situation, the traditional balance between the forces of the businesses (a.k.a. “the market”) and the workers is broken. The result is that the markets have much more power to influence on the conditions of the workers than vice-versa.

Two of the broken elements are the labour regulations and the power of workers’ unions, which have been downgraded or almost abolished in the name of the competitiveness and the rating of the countries as if they were mere businesses.


In the particular case of Spain, the conditions for the workers have been degraded unilaterally by dictates of the markets that our leaders have not wanted or did not know how to counteract.

The TRANSPARENT INFO project is aimed at restoring the balance by empowering citizens with tools (to compensate for the lack of regulations and unions) that will allow them to influence on the way businesses behave.

To this end, we observed that one of the main reasons why citizens cannot react to the situation is because they lack the necessary information. When you buy a bottle of shower gel, you do not know where the benefits will go, whether the manufacturer exploits workers or whether it uses fiscal paradises to avoid paying taxes in your country.

Imagine that we all had that information available and that we would start using these criteria to choose the way we spend our money…

  • Businesses that are not ethical would lose money!

  • We would be able to punish speculators!

  • Countries would not be judged by their ability to produce more money but by their ability to improve the lives of their citizens and to make them happy…