Trusted computing and cryptographic hardware

We’re always exploring new roads for enhancing the security of information systems based on innovative hardware-based solutions.

Building secure solutions is an important pillar in Safe Society Labs. We know that each particular system has its own set of security requirements, and therefore the most appropriate solution must overcome these requirements with the highest performance.


An embedded system, a distributed system or an application running in a cloud environment presents a different set of requirements. Safe Society Labs has a huge expertise in the building of tailored secure systems according to each particular case. Hence, starting from a detailed study of a given system requirements and the client needs, it is then analyzed whether the use of cryptographic hardware is suitable or not according to these particular conditions. In such a case, it is decided what kind of hardware better fits the requirements. We propose the use of cryptographic hardware in those cases in which it is really suitable.

In Safe Society Labs, we count on an experience of more than 10 years in the field of building tailored secure solutions based on cryptographic hardware. We have a long experience regarding the design, implementation and deployment of solutions, with smartcards being the secure element in different fields (Digital Right Management, Ticketing, Secure Streaming Media, etc) and having obtained several awards for smart-card based designs. Likewise, we also have an extensive expertise in the use of Trusted Computing technology for building secure solutions in different areas.

Experts in this field within Safe Society Labs have participated in several European Commission funded projects (Ubisec, Serenity and ASSERT4SOA). We currently participate in CUMULUS project, building solutions based on the use of cryptographic hardware.