Ada Byron Building

Safe Society Labs’ offices are located in the Ada Byron Research Facilities of the University of Málaga. Located in the new extension of the “Campus de Teatinos”, it has an easy access from Málaga downtown by metro, bus or taxi (read on for details on how to get here).

The address of the Ada Byron Building is:

Ada Byron Building
C/ Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa, 18. Ampliación Campus de Teatinos.
Universidad de Málaga. 29071 MALAGA (SPAIN).

How to get to the Ada Byron Building

The Ada Byron Building is located in the new extension of the “Campus the Teatinos” and can be easily reached by metro, bus or taxi.


The preferred way to access the Ada Byron Building from the city center is using the metro. From the city center you must take the metro line 1 (red) and get down on the last stop (Andalucía Tech). Trip from the city center takes about 15 minutes.
Please visit the official page of the Málaga Metro to get more information.



Public buses from line 20 take you to the campus from the city center (main buses stop: “Alameda Principal”). Average commuting time is about 20 minutes from the city center, and buses run every 15 minutes.

The Google maps link of the bus route from the city center to the Ada Byron Building is:


Another way to reach the Ada Byron Building is using a taxi. The usual taxi fare for taking you from the city center to the Extension of the University campus (or the other way round) is about €8‐12 (the trip takes 15 minutes aprox). You can find taxis at the airport and near the hotels. In case you can’t find one, you can use the phone number of the taxi station 00 34 952 04 08 04.